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When my Mum asked me a few months ago what I would like for Christmas, I said, ‘A cushion with a deer on it.’

I know that sounds like a strange request but I had been seeing quite a few woodland creature inspired home accessories, (Next has a particularly lovely range) and I really wanted some extra cushions to plump up our sofa.

Being the wonderful mother that she is, Mum found these beauties that fit the bill perfectly at Pendle Village Mill (Just off J12 on the M65).

IMG_20150202_185122Aren’t they lovely?

Now the thing is, that they went really well with the Christmas decorations we had up over December. So much so that for a few weeks I doubted whether it would be OK to leave them out all year long. Are they too Christmassy?

IMG_20150202_185028I thought long and hard….well not really but I pondered it a couple of times during West Wing marathons…. and I have come to the conclusion that whilst they do have elements of Christmas whimsy, such as prancing deer…

IMG_20150202_185038…that I am going to keep them out and in use anyway because:

a) They are beautiful

b) They are comfy

c) They are not explicitly Christmassy

d) I like them just the way they are

So I have decided that the deer cushions are here to stay and to be loved for the foreseeable future.


Has anyone else out there had this dilemma with deer accessories?