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I realise as I look through my blog posts for the next few days that this is turning into a Husband Appreciation Week! Maybe that is not inappropriate as Valentines Day is approaching and I would rather spend my typing on Rob than about 50 Shades of Awkward Fantasies!

Anyway, the other week I had a very persistent chocolate craving and no chocolate in the house. In fact more than chocolate, what I really wanted was some form of hot chocolate pudding.

Rob agreed to walk down to the new Booths in Barrowford with me to see if we could find something suitable. I thought there would be something in the frozen meal section. Alas, when we looked there was nothing but cheesecakes! This would not do!

We wandered around the shop for awhile trying to find something to please my tastebuds, but we drew a blank until Rob offered  to buy a Betty Crocker Devil Food Cake Mix and bake me a cake! You see, this is how I know he loves me, he offered to bake me a cake on a Thursday night for no other reason except that I wanted cake!

We picked up the cake mix, some chocolate icing and a pack of eggs. When we got home I settled on the sofa and watched TV whilst Rob got to work.


Rob had to take this photo. The mixture was so thick that this egg was just happy to rest on the surface!

What we didn’t count on was that this cake was going to be massive. We blame the Booth eggs, they seemed to have extra rising powers!

20150122_204915The house began to fill with a chocolate baked goodness smell as Rob put the cake together.

20150122_212607Now at this point I would have been satisfied and ready to start eating, but Rob is a designer and he wasn’t done perfecting. A small tub of chocolate icing later we had this as the finished product!

20150122_213229Chocolate heaven Batman! It tasted as wonderful as it looks here. The only obvious problem was that we now had enough cake for an actual Birthday party. We had too much cake, which is not a problem I had ever thought was possible.

I don’t know if people can be a bit sniffy towards cake mixes but really for limited effort and maximum taste I can’t see any fault with them, especially if you have  a cake hankering on a random Thursday night!

In the end Rob took the majority of cake to work and ruined his colleagues January diets! Hee hee hee!