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Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I’ll be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t something I normally celebrate. For most of the Valentine’s Days in my life I have been single and now that I am married it seems a bit forced. It feels weird to give a card to someone you spend the majority of the day with to tell them something that you normally say every day.

That aside, I actually like the cuteness that surrounds Valentine’s Day, the red hearts, pink roses, sparkling jewelry. It”s all nice to look at!

This year as it happens Rob and I are going to a friends house for dinner. They’ll be three couples there. We didn’t plan it as a Valentine’s Day thing, we just try and get together every now and then and the next date everyone was available happened to be Valentine’s Day.



When I saw these heart chocolate in a Pound shop I couldn’t resist putting together a little Valentine’s Day treat for my friends.


I picked up three bags of chocolates and then looked online for these little drawstring bags. They are from notonthehighstreet.com and I think they are adorable! I am tempted to get some more and just have them in stock for little gifts throughout the year.


Then it is just a simple case of dividing the sweets up and filling the bags! I am so looking forward to giving these to our friends! I just have my fingers crossed that they don’t read my blog today and see this before we meet up!

Hugs and kisses to all!