Despite my best efforts to try and do everything at once, blogging has taken a slide this last couple of weeks, but I do have a very good excuse. Last Friday we got the keys to our new home!

It has been a manic few days. There were last minute legal hurdles which meant that we weren’t sure if we were going ahead until the day before contracts were exchanged. We have been living in a strange limbo with half the house packed up and all plans on hold until the move.

But we got the keys, and over the weekend, with a lot of help from friends and family we moved over all our things into the new house!

Its an end-of-terrace house that is about 100 years old, with lots of original features. Now half of our stuff is still packed up and we have a lot of decorating to come, and lots of jobs to do around the house…but all the same I somehow feel really settled. It already feels like home.

Hopefully, blogs to come will include a few before and after room make-overs! But for now I want to just get back into a normal rhythm of life again. Although, drinking prosecco in front of warm fire is an evening habit I could get used to!