I love clothes shopping but I hate shopping for the basics. White shirts, good jeans, black trousers, shoes. The prospect of sensible shopping makes me downright sluggish. Which is why my wardrobe is full of skater dresses and none of my jeans fit me any more.

However, I am making an effort to be a bit more strategic in my shopping. Recently I decided that a plain black skirt would be handy to have. This thought may have popped into my head whilst watching Bridget Jones Diary…Bridget really can rock a little black skirt!

I took to ASOS and quickly whittled it down to this choice:

I love it! Short, swingy and only £14! I fell in love I could dress it smartly for work, dress it up for going out and down for casual.

It arrived last week and I wore it this weekend, I didn’t get any great photos of it but managed to snap this quick shot in my slipper boots no less!

Anyway I feel very smug at actually buying a ‘basic wardrobe staple’. Maybe I will do it again sometime and get some jeans that fit!