Currently in March I have been….

Wandering around our new garden and getting to know it’s feel. I spotted this lone crocus the other day. It is a beauty! Hoping I learn how to do the green fingered thing and coax more things to bloom.

Watching Nashville season 2. This is my guilty pleasure at the moment…and I don’t even feel that guilty about it. I love everything about it, the drama, the music, Rayna’s vulnerability, Deacon’s crowfeet, I am even enjoying Juliette trying to keep the annoying Layla under her thumb!

Eating maple syrup and white chocolate chunk scotch pancakes! Yes, they are as delicious as they sound. Rob and I spotted some in ASDA the other week in the clearance section. They were down to 10p for 4 so we bought…ahem…three packs and froze them. They are all gone now, but boy it was good whilst it lasted! I love scotch pancakes, warmed up in the toaster and then smeared with butter that melts instantly….bliss!

Preparing weekly lessons. I launched the Bible Discovery Course last month and I am loving it. This was something I really wanted to do this year, deliver a six week introduction course for people who were interested in the Bible. We have about 15-20 people attending and the feedback has been pretty good so far. We are half way through now, with another three weeks left to go. This week’s topic is ‘Why do we Believe the Bible is the Word of God?’ I have enjoyed this so much but it has been quite intense putting the sessions together, I will be ready for a break when Easter gets here!

Breaking  my rules and blogging in my bed right now when I should be winding down ready to sleep! I am normally good at going to bed and having some switch-off time before trying to sleep. But blogging has been the activity I have sacrificed these last few weeks in the move and the teaching, and I miss it when I don’t do it. So I have been naughty and squeezed a little bit of bedtime blogging in! Hee hee hee!