I think I got this hairspray as a freebie in a magazine. I know I didn’t buy it because fine hair isn’t a problem I have, but seeing as I do have this hairspray I thought I should give using it a go and see what happens.

The instructions say to ‘Spray water onto wet or damp hair. Layer over Prep or Tonic Lotion for the ultimate blow dry. Mist all over for a set-ready finish.’

I don’t have a prep or tonic lotion so I have been spraying directly onto my wet hair and blow drying it….and then sleeping on it because I only ever wash my hair at night. So I know I am not giving it chance to work to maximum effect and yet I actually like the product. I have used it the last three times I have washed my hair and have found that my hair is drying a bit more neater and in the morning my hair does look a fuller and there has been less frizziness.

I also like the scent of the spray which reminds me a little bit of blackberries, and the major plus is that there has been zero stickiness. Now, I guess that means it wouldn’t be great at holding a style but it does seem to be helping my hair look sleeker…even after I spend the night sleeping on it!

I am going to keep on using it whilst the bottle lasts, but I don’t think I would shed out the £21.50 to buy the full sized version. For now the mini is just a nice beauty boost that’s good to have to hand.