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Four weeks ago today we moved into our lovely new house. In the days between now and then we have unpacked most but not all of our boxes and have had endless conversations about decorating, storage and room renovations we want to do…but so far haven’t had much time to get started on them!

What Rob has managed to do is to make a short video of the day we moved house. We borrowed a go-pro for the day to record some of the fun although the day flew by so quickly it did get a bit forgotten as the afternoon wore on!.

My favourite parts of the video are:

  • The struggle to get the sofa into the lounge
  • Our friends dog not at all interested in the furniture moving and just wanting to play
  • Brenda working away, cleaning the kitchen, even when everyone else stops for lunch. There is no stopping a Grandma on a Mission!
  • The lorry door refusing to shut!
  • Seeing all the people who turned up and worked their socks off to get us settled in our new home. We feel very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family!