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DSC_4578Daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and I am so excited to be able to spend time at last in our new beautiful and wild garden!

I am still in the honeymoon period with the new house and find that I spend a long amount of time just staring out of windows in to the garden watching birds squabble and sing in the trees.

I know very little about gardening so it is going to be a challenge to take on a plot so big but my garden-savy Mum and Grandma have told me that it is good that we moved in when we did as we can see what comes to bloom throughout the Spring and Summer and then start making plans for next year.

Here is what is going on in the garden right now in April.

DSC_4561 We have work to do to clear the base of these trees from shoots that have sprung up. There were four trees like this, we have managed to free two of them and have these two left to go. The trees look way better when we have trimmed these shoots down!

DSC_4573We have cleared a lot of weeds from this patch that is just next to the kitchen patio. My mum has planted a few off shoots from her own garden including some wild strawberries! There are already Bluebell shoots coming up around the border. We also planted a rose called Rachel for my best friend Rachel who passed away five years ago. I am really looking forward to transforming this patch into a blooming cottage garden style flower bed!

DSC_4571The patch already has tulips that look like they are going to flower soon. Tulips are my favourite flower and these look like they are going to be a bright pink colour!

DSC_4569This bush has attracted a very fat bumble bee!

DSC_4565We also have primroses growing near the base of one of the trees!

DSC_4556Finally a sunny garden isn’t complete without a good spot for reading and snacking!

DSC_4580DSC_4557I think this might be my favourite diary – it is very tree-ish and is perfectly suitable for jotting down thoughts on a sunny Saturday afternoon!