What a difference some sunshine makes! After a hectic couple of months it feels like life has eased off the accelerator a bit so that I can slow down and enjoy the days a bit more rather than always rushing on to the next thing. Here is what is keeping me occupied in April…

Enjoying each new change and arrival in our garden. The tulips have just started to bloom and they are gorgeous! I can’t believe how excited I am to see each new thing unfurl in our garden! I am amazed at how full of life it is.

Reading ‘The Things that Nobody Knows, 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything’ by William Hartston. My quest to read more non-fiction continues with this book of short mysteries. So far I am enjoying it the subjects are arranged in alphabetical order and each one is about a page or less long. I am up to Birds at the moment so still pretty early on but I have already learned quite a bit including things like Armadillos are prone to leprosy and no one knows why, that there is a lake trapped beneath the ice in Antartica that gives off s strange magnetic field and where the legend of Atlantis came from. Interesting stuff!

Modelling for a photography exhibition! Well..kind of. Accrington Library are holding an open Photography Exhibition for photographers of all levels in Lancashire. Rob submitted two photos to the event including one of yours truly! We went to the opening on Thursday night and really enjoyed seeing such a variety of work. I think the exhibition will be up for the next couple of weeks so if you are in the area you should go check it out!

Eating a Magnum Ice Cream the moment Rob gets back from the shops! Ice cream weather is here and I must comply. Magnums are my absolute favourite! Oh and we are still working our way through the Easter Egg pile!

Failing to eat a doughnut without slopping jam all over myself! This was a naughty late night snack that went terribly wrong. The embarrassing thing is that I ate the whole doughnut and was thinking to myself that was a disappointing lack of jam in there before I realised that nearly all of the jam was happily sitting on my dressing gown! Oh well, guess I am am still a way off from achieving Grace Kelly poise and sophistication!