I have been meaning to share these since last October! When we went to Scotland last year Rob spent a couple of nights taking photos of the starry sky using all of his photography skills which I can never wrap my head round, to me it all magic!

Anyway the results are breathtaking and I wanted to share them with you!

I think if you are having a bad day or are feeling stressed out, looking up at an open night sky is good for us. It reminds us that the universe is big, and that we are small and that the world is full of wonder without measure!


The long line you see here was a satellite that passed over in the long exposure. I really don’t understand the technical aspects of photography but for those of you interested in the details Rob says: ’16mm with 25 seconds exposure, f3.5, ISO200, but I think it could have done with being a higher ISO. I had to ramp up the exposure in Lightroom.’

Does that make sense to anyone?

I think this one would make a good cover for a Stephen King book! Maybe the Tommyknockers?

And finally…

Ta da!

I hope you enjoyed those! It’s a beautiful world out there!