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It’s been a month since my first garden post and I’m here with an update with what is going on within my garden borders. Now that the initial moving-in madness has subsided and the weather has warmed up Rob and I have more time to get outside and the garden is looking more and more like it belongs to someone.

DSC_4620Rob’s made a huge difference by cutting the grass! And, yes, it does take ages! I have been mainly focused on clearing the base of the four big trees off growth and off shoots. Our trees look much tidier now!

DSC_4617 Now on to flower news! May is bluebell season and I am delighted to report that our garden has several patches of bluebells scattered here and there, and that there is a startling crop of white bluebells which I haven’t seen before!

DSC_4619DSC_4628We also have, ahem, a lot of dandelions too! It’s a shame that they don’t inspire the same warmth of feeling as bluebells do, but I do understand why, dandelions have a tendency to take over. I have tried to clear some of them and promptly broke my trowel! Will probably have to use some kind of weed killer to get rid of them.

DSC_4627We also have lots of forget-me-not which are another favourite of mine. I am so pleased that we have these wild flowers springing up!

Less wild but no less beautiful are these bright tiger-striped Tulips that have been simply gorgeous these last few weeks. They are stunners!

DSC_4638And one of the Apple trees has produced some beautiful blossom! I love spring blossom, they always remind me of weddings!

DSC_4634We did have one sad mishap. We got permission from the Council to take down two conifer trees that had taken over a flowerbed. When Rob was on the last branch this nest fell out. We tried putting the nest in the next tree but the parents haven’t gone back to it. Poor Rob has felt very guilty about the whole thing! The good news is that we have spotted a few nests around the garden that we are going to be very careful not to disturb!