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I have been thinking about the good Doctor lately. I was so excited to hear that Maisie Williams will be guest starring in the new series this autumn. It seems a casting dream too good to be true and it got me thinking about other things I would love to see happen in Doctor Who.

So if you are out there Steven Moffat and you are taking requests please can we see…..


A King Arthur Episode I loved the Robot of Sherwood episode last season; it was silly, fun and neatly contained as a great stand-alone episode. I think it would be great to delve more into Britain’s extensive legendary past with the Doctor. I could see him competing with Merlin and showing off with silly tricks. I can see Lancelot being all dishy and trying to flirt with Clara. Also this would be a great excuse to throw a dragon in the mix! Dragons improve everything!

A quest to restore Gallifray. I know, I know they are meant to be war-bent madmen too powerful to trust but after ten years of moping around ‘I am the last one left’ I think it would be really interesting to bring the Time Lords back. There could be a series long arc of trying to save his people, and then a happy reunion and then the conflict that would definitely follow. The Master has always been one of the strongest villains, so I wonder what would happen if the Doctor had more than one Time Lord to deal with?

A happier Doctor. I know each incarnation of the Doctor is different but I do miss Ten and Eleven’s joie de vivre. I honestly did think Twelve might be a bit happier – after all he knows now that he probably did not commit genocide of his own people, you think that would cheer him up a bit, and yet Twelve is somehow grumpier than Nine. I know Capaldi is great at grumpy but I think he could be equally good at joyous if he gave it a go.

Another bottle episode. Midnight is one of the most chilling and dramatic episodes of Doctor Who. Effects-light and claustrophobic this episode feels like one exceptional short story that lingers on in the mind long after the you have finished reading. I have come to realise that Doctor Who episodes are most exciting when they are on a smaller scale. Trying to contain one Darlek in an underground bunker is scarier than seeing an army try to take over 1930s New York. Saving the world is all very good but in the end I think I prefer the episodes where the Doctor has to just save one family, or one person, like Van Gogh. Bottle episodes are great at shaking up the story telling, and I would leave to see more contained unusual stories.

A ginger Doctor. Ever since Ten lamented his lack of red-haired locks I have shared the conviction that a ginger doctor would be amazing! Not that I am in a hurry to lose Capaldi, I hope he sticks around for a long time, but when the day does come to hand over his sonic screwdriver I think a ginger doctor would be magnificent. Damian Lewis anyone? Or better yet…Eddie Izzard!