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Under careful instruction and encouragement from my mum, I am gradually becoming more green fingered….very gradually but it’s happening.

The other week Mum and I worked on sprucing up two big white flower pots that were sitting forlornly on either side of our back door. I decided to take some step by step photos to share with you!

DSC_4993As these pots sit just outside our kitchen door I wanted something fragrant and had my heart set on lavender. I love the scent of lavender, especially when you rub it with your fingertips, it’s like a free perfume.

Mum and I hit B&Q and made a careful selection of two types of lavender, white jasmine and some little blue flowers whose name I can’t remember!

DSC_4984 DSC_5009

The first thing I learned about filling big pots like these is that you should put a couple of rocks at the bottom to partially cover the hole that allows water to run out, this helps the water to trickle through instead of pour straight through the bottom.

DSC_4994After the rocks, we filled it about three quarters full with freshly bought compost.

DSC_4995Then it was a simple case of arranging the plants and topping up the compost. When arranging the pots Mum explained that it is good to use a variety of heights. The Lavender is full and will fill the middle level of the pot, the white jasmine will grow tall and add height, where as the blue flowers will trail over the lid of the pot and grow downwards.


It didn’t take long before the garden life found the new flowers!

DSC_4998We gave the pots a good clean on the outside and then was nothing left to do but sit down in-between them and enjoy the sweet fragrance!