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Rob surprised me the other night by suddenly declaring: ‘I’m going to turn this photo of you into an image.’

He was flicking through the photos on his phone and had found some that we had done for the blog a couple of months ago. Here is the photo in question:

20150201_135801I think Rob liked the pose and the depth of the shadow as it hits the ground and the wall behind me. The wind was very helpful that day, moulding my skirt into an almost cape/superhero shape!

The next day Rob posted this on Facebook:

Never too BusyThat’s pretty cool, right? He made me into a poster! I think he got the tongue -in-cheek line from an old advertising campaign. I feel like I need to get this up on the blog somewhere…maybe update my cover photo.

The thing is…seeing me in graphic mode is a bit addictive…I am suddenly thinking we should do a series of images like these, each with a cheeky tagline! But then my poor husband’s fun little project would turn into actual work.

I think we will leave it at this one for now!