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I had a two hour nap today which felt pretty wonderful! Rob and I are on a two week break from work. We’ve spent a few nights away, a few nights at home with family flying in from Ireland to be with us and now we have a few days home alone before we return to the working week. We have clocked in lot of hours driving and walking over the last week so it felt really good today to slow the pace right down.

Apart from napping here is what is going on this month. In July currently I am…

Admiring picturesque England. From Dunster in Somerset, to the beach in Weston-Super-Mare, to the beautiful gardens in HRS gardens in Harrogate Rob and I have been exploring some exquisite sights on our little island. Buying a house this year meant an expensive holiday was not on the cards this summer but I am very grateful that we don’t have to look far to find beauty right on our doorstep.

Watching Nashville Season 3. I have found this season a little slow in stating and I’ve felt that it’s been lacking in the music. We hardly ever seem to get a full song but last weeks episode won me back over again. I won’t give any major spoilers but lets just say ‘Borrow My Heart’ is my new favourite song.

Wearing my Ember and Earth rain coat. Rob took the above photo of me near the end of four mile walk up a hill in the rain. I am sure that normally this hill boasts spectacular views but on this day we instead got to enjoy eerie mists that allowed trees to loom out of the distance and coated the grass in jewels. It had a beauty all of its own, and because these excellent rain coats actually do keep us warm and dry we actually enjoyed the wet walk instead of getting a case of the grumps!

Eating vegetarian meals. We’ve done a bit of branching out from our usual meat dishes and tried a couple of vegetarian options. These two we have found pretty easy, delicious and filling: Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Moussaka and this Squash and Coconut Dhansak. Note: The Moussaka does take a couple of hours but is worth it. The Dhansak is about half an hour of a job.

Finally planting our wedding trees! They kind of fade away in the first picture but Rob and I made our wedding vows between these trees. Now that we have a garden of our own we have finally moved them out of their pots and in to the ground (well Dad and Rob actually did the planting, I helped pick the location). Here is hoping that they flourish now that they are planted!