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Ever since I was 16 I have certain rules about the clothes I wear. With tops they always need to be either V or scooped neck and fitted at the waist. As Trinny and Susanna would say this is the style that ‘flatters my shape’.

This rule has served me well for the last ten years but the other week I suddenly noticed a lot of women wearing lovely white flouncy tops and they just looked so comfortable and summery that even though these tops don’t comply with any of my rules I had a strong urge to attain one.

It took me five minutes among the rails of TK Maxx and £10 and this beauty was all mine.



It is like nothing else I own as it is loose, high necked, see through at the back and has a crotchet pattern – all things I have avoided like the plague in the past but oddly in this combination I love it!

It’s perfect for  casual shopping on a cloudy day!

My main reservations with this kind of top was that it would add bulk to my figure, as I am curvy on top I find that I often need things to clinch in at the waist or I feel a bit like a big block. Whilst this top doesn’t accentuate my waist, it doesn’t drown it out completely either.

What helps with this are these lovely ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and sheer panel at the back, of which I failed to get a picture. See-through holes and panels does mean that I have to wear a vest top underneath but that is fine with me.


I also feel that my shoes are worth a mention here. I picked up these mint babies at Weston-Super-Mare at a discount shoe store after my feet were beginning to rub painfully in my sandals. £5 well spent!


Whilst the shoes look pretty cool next to a skateboard, for the sake of blogging integrity I must confess that the skateboard belongs to Rob. I am nowhere near cool enough to be able to maintain balance on any kind of moving platform!

Anyway a bit of a different OOTD post from me today! Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the more casual side of the wardrobe!