For months I have been nagging Rob for us to go to Chester Zoo and last weekend we packed ourselves and some friends in two cars and finally went for a day out…during the first weekend of the School Holidays, the busiest time of year! Oops!

It was the busiest I have ever seen the place but credit to Chester Zoo they do have big walkways and lots to see and do that actually you didn’t feel too crowded out.

Our friends pretending that they are not really with us!

Here are some (and by ‘some’, I mean a lot!) of our (Rob’s) best pics of the day!

This guy strutted his stuff up and down this branch for the camera!

Brightly coloured fish! I could spend ages watching these fishies!

Quite a few of the animals were playing tough games of hide and seek. Snakes and lizards were particularly hard to find!

The Tropical Bird house was wonderful! So great to have all these birds flying and chilling out over your head!

I love the look of the texture on this guy’s leg!

Rob caught this fellow in the middle of a long lazy yawn!

These are just a fraction of the animals we saw! I absolutely love this zoo, they do great work in conservation and the place is kept very clean and tidy. Plenty of bins and benches around and shady spots for picnics.

We also got to see a baby giraffe that had been born at the zoo two days before! Amazing!