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I have mentioned my bright yellow rain jacket a few times on the blog since it became mine last Christmas and I thought it was time that I did a proper post on my best fashion buy of 2015!

Now, I know some people will find it depressing to discuss rain coats in the middle of summer but I am actually one of those strange people who actually like the rain. I like the sound of it pattering on windows, I love how green it makes everything and I love the scent of the garden after rainfall. I am well suited for living in Lancashire!

Plus, lets face it, in England we all have to face the rain, so it is only sensible to suit up for it! Anyway here is the jacket that has been my new found coat love!

Pic 1


The jacket is made by our friend’s company Ember and Earth that launched in January. Now I know it always looks a bit suspect when a blogger raves about a product that was made by a friend, but I swear by my bloggers honour, I am not on commission or anything like that! Rob and I both paid for our coats and have been wearing them for the last eight months.

Pic 2


There is just so much to love about these coats! They are fully water-proof, we have literally held the sleeves under a running tap and watched the water pool and then trickle off the side. We have also fully tested them in the field, on soggy hills, in mist, rain and snow and can personally vouch that they are waterproof!

Pic 6


On top of being waterproof they are also really warm! The fabric is heavy in your hands and the lining keeps you as snug as a bug in a rug, even when you are actually on top of a hill in torrential downpour! That is pretty nifty!

Pic 5


They retail at 129 euros (£90.58) which I think is very reasonable for a hard wearing waterproof jacket that is stylish to wear in the city as well as up mountains.


Because what I really love about my rain coat is that bright yellow colour! It makes me instantly cheerful and I get compliments on it wherever I go out, as well as a couple of jokes about not getting lost in a fog! When you look on the Ember and Earth site you will see that each coat colour has a different name, mine is called ‘The Original’ where as Rob’s black coat is known as ‘The Sophisticated’

If that is not a temptation to buy up every colour I don’t know what is. What do I fancy being today ‘The Brave’, ‘The Wise’ or ‘The Ambitious’?? Hmm…I still think The Original is the best, especially when the sky is a dark brooding grey!

Pic 3


You can check out Ember and Earth’s full product range here.