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Have you ever read too many serious blog posts and news stories online and then felt a bit blue? Well these posts had the opposite effect on me this week.

Here are three things I read that made me think this world isn’t such a bad place after all.

  1. 10 Ways I Bring Happiness into my Life from To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

I love this list about how Sheila takes responsibility for her own happiness. The thing with this list is that it is all doable, it’s about doing the little things to make the days matter. Some lists about achieving happiness just leave you discouraged and fed up because to even start will take a lot of work, but there are lots of things here that really are achievable.

2. Surprising things about Parenting in Kenya from Cup of Jo

This article is from a series in Cup of Jo where they interview American women raising children in countries around the world. The latest one is by a woman living in Kenya and raising two adorable little girls. It is a fascinating insight into another culture. I particularly love how people refer to mothers in Kenya – sounds friendly and respectful at the same time!

3. The Great British Bake Off Drinking Game from Water Painted Dreams

This just made me giggle. I can only think that Mary Berry would definitely approve! Speaking of which, I am really looking forward to episode two tonight. Favourite contestants so far this year: Alvin for his Black Forest spectacular last week, Marie for her simple perfectionism and Ian for his underdog smile!

So there are three posts that have made me smile this week, if you have found any other cheering corners of the internet please do share in the comments.

Happy Wednesday!