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September has been a mammoth busy month. Rob and I have flown from one thing to the next these last few weeks, but once we get to October things should settle down a little bit for us and we can have some time to get ready for baby!

So currently in my life I am….

Bringing the outside inside! We have had these gorgeous orange flowers blooming in our garden and I couldn’t resist bringing a generous handful into the house. I love how the orange looks against the blue wall in our dining room. Plus free flowers! Who could resist?

Eating with caution! Four years ago I was hit by a motorbike whilst crossing a road which knocked three of my teeth out, including my two front teeth. My wonderful dentist managed to put them back in but we always knew that nothing he could do would be permanent. Well, last weekend one of my front teeth had enough and promptly dropped out of my mouth…whilst at an airport on my way to a wedding in Ireland! It was a bit of a disaster that threatened to derail the weekend but we managed to see an emergency dentist on Saturday morning who has put in a temporary fake tooth until I can see my own dentist and get it fixed properly. The fake tooth fits the gap but unfortunately is not up to biting so I am eating very gingerly at the moment!

Watching The Great British Bake Off, Nashville and Doctor Who. My TV intake is on the up at the moment now that Doctor Who has started I have three shows that I am following faithfully! I am currently rooting for Tamal to win Bake Off, and have found that watching Bake Off without a snack is a big mistake. One week I even managed to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to have ready for Bake Off night!

Celebrating three years of marriage! It was our wedding anniversary this month. This is one of my favourite photos from the wedding day, if I ever was to have a princess moment this was it! Three years have flown by! So much so that we both nearly completely forgot that the anniversary was coming up, we marked the occasion by going to the Blackpool Lights Switch on…which I will blog about very soon!