Hello Blog World!

Oh how I have missed you the last couple of months! I used to get annoyed at bloggers who always moan online about how little time they have had to blog, as if they owed their readers an explanation and now I am here doing the same!

The last two months have been crazy busy. We have been decorating two bedrooms, in preparation for guests coming to stay with us at our first Christmas at home! We are also getting ready for baby Browne who is due in January.

Pregnancy is going well; we’ve had no big scares or problems. I do feel a lot heavier now and am learning that ‘putting your feet up’ isn’t just a turn of phrase but a necessity!

The good news is that I finished work on Friday, the bedrooms are decorated, the Christmas shopping is done and putting my feet up really is top of the agenda! Happily I can still work a laptop and put my feet up at the same time so I hope that I can now return to my lovely blog hobby…that is until baby arrives, and then who knows what life will look like!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Kiss