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Hot Chocolate open

A couple of months ago ASOS emailed me with a 10% off discount code for my birthday. I didn’t fancy clothes shopping at the time, but I was interested in the ASOS gift sets and random items they bring out every Autumn in anticipation of Christmas shopping. In the end I picked three treats, that are still available now if anyone wanted to  self-indulge in the January sales!

  1. Hot Chocolate Book by Hannah Miles – £9.99


I absolutely love cookbooks and it seems entirely reasonable to have one devoted to hot chocolate. I have never made hot chocolate without ready made powder before! I am especially looking forward to trying out the S’mores hot chocolate drink!

2. Heidi Polka Dot Lunch Bag – £4.50

Lunch Bag

This is cute to the point of sickly sweet but I was drawn in by the bright red colour! I am hoping to take this out lots next year when baby and I have little day trips out and about!

3. Bourjois – Rouge Edition 12 Hours – Prune Afterwork – £7.99

Lip Stick

I am a little bit disappointed at this one. I was after a dark lip colour edging towards purple after managing to lose the two dark lipsticks I bought last year. The colour of this one turned out to be much lighter than I thought it would be. It is still a nice colour, similar to Maybelline’s Rose Dust but this one does not last 12 hours. After 2 hours it is ready for a top up. So yeah, nothing much to shout about….and a terrible colour name!

Oh and the day after this arrived ASOS sent me an email with 50% off selected Maternity Wear!

ASOS is a sly little minx!