I love reading blogs this time of year to see the goals and resolutions different bloggers set themselves. I always find these posts really encouraging and inspiring! I guess bloggers and writers are naturally a reflective lot and I love having a good old nosey at how people choose to approach a New Year.

It’s funny but Rob and I always seem to do big changes in January. We got together in January 2011, became engaged in January 2012, and this time last year we were in the final stages of buying our house! January seems to be our time for change and this year is no exception as Baby Browne is due any now and my maternity leave has officially started.

It felt very strange to not get up and go to work yesterday morning! I have decided to take a full year off work for maternity so this really will be unlike any other year of my life so far. It’s such a privilege to be about to become a Mum and to be able to have a year to focus just on that. I feel very lucky.  I want to make sure I treasure it and make the most of it.

So my goals this year are fairly simple:

  1. I want to be a good Mum and build up our nest. Obviously the main goal of 2016 is going to be to keep Baby happy, fed, clean and safe. But I am also looking forward to trying out the housewife role! With Rob and I working the same fulltime hours we often come home tired, and cooking and cleaning can soon become a bit overwhelming. I am kind of looking forward to getting tea on the table and being able to do household tasks throughout the week instead of trying to cram it all in at the weekend! May even be able to get the dishwasher fixed that has been broken since last May!
  2. Make more God and me time.  I have become more aware recently of how much happier I feel when I spend a little time each morning either in prayer or reading the Bible. Same way as our marriage feels stronger when Rob and I spend time enjoying each other’s company. My life always feels stronger when I spend time just enjoying the presence of God. I want to make sure I keep that as a habit in 2016.
  3. Keep on writing. Whilst I know looking after baby and adjusting to parenthood is going to take a lot of my energy I still want to try and keep on writing. Last year my resolution was to write more and looking back now I can see that I actually did flex my writing muscles more and I am rather proud of some of the things I achieved. For Church I wrote an introductory course on the Bible and since September I have been writing daily devotionals, I have written essays for my course at work and received Distinctions (wahoo!) and before life got too hectic I was writing regular blog posts on here that make me very happy. In fact when I got too busy for blog writing, I really missed it! In short I find writing very rewarding and I want to keep up with it in one form or another.

Those are my big goals for 2016, although all expectations are ever so loosely sketched out as I honestly have no idea what it is going to be like once Baby is here! At the moment I am waddling around the house doing little bits of prep, in-between little rests, whilst my Mum races around the house like a whirlwind doing all the heavy lifting/hoovering! It feels like we are in a bated-breath type zone, just waiting in the calm for baby to arrive and no-doubt turn our world upside down!

What are your goals for 2016?