Hey Blogging World!

Last time I posted I was looking ahead at what I want to achieve in 2016. Now a couple of weeks later the biggest goal I had today was to get showered and dressed before 12!

For I am now a Mum to a gorgeous and demanding little baby girl! Let me introduce to you, Orla. Born on Friday 8th January after 34 long hours of labour, but boy was that first cuddle worth it all!


We had a tough first week. I had lost a fair bit of blood and Orla caught an infection which meant we spent a week in hospital whilst Orla received a five day course of antibiotics.

Being hospital had some advantages. We were in a private room with everything we needed to hand. The room was really warm and it was like being in a cacoon for a week, where I could focus entirely on my baby and me. Each day was entirely about Orla and learning to feed and care for her. We had all the support and medical care on hand, not to mention people coming round with food and clean sheets. The outside world felt very far away, it was a really surreal moment when Rob casually mentioned that David Bowie had died!


The toughest part of being in hospital was that Rob was only allowed to be with us between 11am and 8pm, and being without him for the night shift was tough, even with all the help from the midwives. It was such a relief on Friday night when we got to come home together.


So now we are home. Rob has one more week of paternity leave so we get to spend this week at home together as a trio! As I type this Orla is fast asleep on Rob’s shoulder, our lounge is a bomb site of blankets, cloths and cotton wool and I am feeling a strong urge to nap! It is all utter bliss!

Here is to the next chapter!