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Here is an update of what is going on in my life at the moment. Currently I am…


Breastfeeding a newborn. And it feels like breastfeeding is the only thing I am doing right now. Órla is three weeks old and very hungry! I had somehow never stopped to consider just how demanding breastfeeding is. How thirsty and hungry it makes you, and how whilst I am feeding her I don’t have the hands free to do anything else. I am told it gets easier after the first eight weeks but for now I am just trying to surrender my plans and go with the flow. It’s all precious time I get to spend with my little one.


Reading ‘Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams’ by Jenny Colgan. I’ve been slowly working my way through this book since Órla was born. I can only read in stolen snatches here and there because I have really not mastered one handed breast feeding yet! But this happy story of Rosie who moves from London to a small countryside town to take on her great aunt’s ailing sweet shop is wonderful escapism. It’s quaint, romantic and funny. It is the perfect book for where I am right now.


Eating Copious amounts of chocolate. Apparently breastfeeding requires lots of calories and I do find myself craving chocolate or sugar if some form after long feeds…and it’s not like I wasn’t partial to the stuff before hand! Luckily I have been inundated with gifts of food and snacks from wise friends and fellow mums. I have a very healthy chocolate stash to keep me going! (Also for the sake of balance I am also eating lots of stews, casseroles and pies that have been cooked for us by friends as well!)


Thanking God for my Mum. Since Rob went back to work my lovely Mum has been round every day (at my request) to help me out and I don’t know what I would do without her. I know some people would find too much help overbearing but Mum seems to know exactly what I and Órla need. She comes round and sets off doing the washing up, putting the clothes away and keeping me supplied with fluids and food. She just frees me up to focus sorely on looking after Órla and getting to grips with things. She also makes sure I nap during the day. I think without her I would be utterly exhausted, instead of just mildly sleep deprived!