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Órla, Grandma and I have had our first lunch out together! Rob has my car this week and getting out of the house is still a challenge…there only seems to be small windows of time in-between feeding, winding and nappy changes, so we wanted to go somewhere we could walk to.

We decided to check out the Victoria Park Pavilion in Nelson. It’s in easy walking distance from the house and offers simple and cheap lunches of sandwiches, soups and a special of the day, oh and cake!



Órla was fairly compliant and was happy enough to be put into her coat and hat which was a good start. She doesn’t like getting dressed and undressed and can be very vocal about her displeasure!


But once she was in the pram she fell fast asleep and we got to have a lovely walk around Victoria Park before getting to the Pavilion. I had been to the Pavilion once before as it was our local voting station but since then it has gone through quite a transformation!

wp-1454522337723.jpgHow pretty is that? It is such a lovely bright space. We were there quite early so got to have a good chat with the manager and volunteers serving. They were really friendly and we got to learn a little bit more about the cafe which has been set up as a social enterprise.

I’ll share their story from their Facebook page to explain it in their own words:

‘Victoria Park Pavilion is in Victoria Park (funnily enough) in Nelson, Lancashire. It has been closed for 6 years, but we (Petra and Louise) have seen its potential and are hoping to refurbish and re-open it as a social enterprise.

The dream is to bring the Pavilion back to life and make it into a cafe and kitchen garden. We believe we should tread carefully on the earth, so the building will use green technology to create its own energy and be carbon neutral.

In the kitchen garden, we hope to grow food to sell in the cafe. If we can’t make it or grow it ourselves then we will use local producers, supporting the local economy and reducing food miles.

As a social enterprise, we understand how business can benefit everyone in the community. Any profits we make will go back into running the Pavilion and other community projects in the area.

Most importantly of all, we want to work with local people and visitors to the Park to make the Pavilion into a friendly, unique place to visit. That’s why we need your help! If you’re passionate about the planet, parks, people and Pendle then be our friend, like us, tell all your friends about us and let us know your ideas.’wp-1454522149667.jpg

Pretty cool, huh? Mum and I soon settled down and ordered hot chocolates and butternut squash and carrot soup, both of which were delicious. Little Miss wanted to join in on the lunch time fun and demanded a feed just as the soup came out, but that wasn’t a problem as the lovely manager took my soup back to the kitchen to keep warm whilst I fed Órla and brought it back out again when she was done. It was such a welcoming place!

wp-1454522302123.jpgOh, and I am completely in love with that mural!

So yes, I could see a little park walk and lunch outing becoming a regular feature of my year of maternity leave!