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I picked up my high school copy of To Kill A Mockingbird today and found this famous quote highlighted in it. In my nearly illegible handwriting next to it I have scrawled ‘important lesson’.

What an understatement! The world would be a much brighter place if we all applied this.

The truth is that even the people who make you boiling mad have reasons for behaving the way they do. Everyone thinks that they are reasonable and a ‘good guy’ in their own minds.

In the dizzy headrush of annoyance and anger is easy to forget this, but if we could just slam the breaks on our own indignation and consider the other person’s viewpoint we might save ourselves a lot of heartache.

I would really like to get better at this! For one thing this approach to life encourages you to see the best in people and when you look for the best you tend to find it!