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I’ve been fancying having a go at this recipe for ages! I love chocolate eclairs, any cream cake really! The idea that I could be making them myself ready for any indulgent Saturday morning is very appealing.


The only trouble is that newborn babies aren’t very accommodating to baking ambitions. I attempted this bake yesterday but only got as far as buying the ingredients and pulling the mixer out of the cupboard before Little Miss needed attention and the bake was abandoned for another day.

Today I fared better with Orla’s nap time. Although I still had a mishap. On my first go this morning I left the eggs out of the dough mixture! So instead of lovely eclair bases I had strange soft bread stick type things. Still, they were OK dipped into tomato soup for lunch!

In the afternoon I was much more successful, although when I first piped out the dough I doubtful about how this was going to turn out. They did look a bit pathetic!


But after being in the oven for 20 minutes they were much more eclair like! I mean they lack the uniformity and tidiness of a bake off entry but you can tell more or less what they are.


I then had to put a small slit in the side of each one before putting them back in the oven to dry out for five minutes. I was nervous about this bit but it was actually quite easy to do, as was chopping them in half once they were done.


Then it was on to the fun stuff, dipping them in chocolate icing and filling them with hazelnut whipped cream. I was excited to taste the hazelnut cream, made by adding nutella to double cream, but I have to admit the flavour didn’t really come through at all. Will have to adjust the balance next time.


In fact I ended up with lots of chocolate icing and whipped cream left over! There seems to be enough to fill another batch. A couple of the small eclairs fell apart as I was laying them out so I dipped them in the icing and ate them straight away. Maybe that could be the next food thing…eclair dip instead of s’mores. You have shredded bits of dough and a bowl of icing and you just dip and eat away!

Anyway here is how the finished product looked. I’ve just had one now and can report that they are very sweet, light and yummy! Now do I be good and find some people to share them with or do I go mad and eat as many as I can before Rob comes home??