The last couple of years there has been a craft trend of making teacup candles. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and at craft fairs. They look really quaint and pretty and are a good way to get all those lovely tea sets into use. Here is an example of what they look like:

I absolutely adore vintage tea sets (I have two!) but I don’t actually like tea so a lot of the time they just sit in the cabinet. Which is a shame. Well, I looked into how to make teacup candles myself and to be honest…it sounded like too much faff, and with a little baby I don’t have much time for crafting right now. Plus I am scared of damaging my precious teacups!

So I cheated!

I went on to Amazon and bought a bag of 20 floating candles for £6.50. They are supposed to last for five hours each. That’s a 100 hours of candle time!

I then filled a teacup with water, found a good spot for it and lit the candle. I quite like the effect.

wp-1459961381926.jpgI think it is just as effective, although it isn’t scented. But maybe adding a couple drops of essential oils would remedy that? Not that I have any oils!

Here is how it looked when the day got darker!


So that’s my cheat version of teacup candles! Mind you, I would still be open to picking up a proper one at the next craft fair I happen upon!