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When I turned 21 we did a big family holiday to California. It was a the biggest trip we had ever taken and was an amazing experience. We did a couple of days in LA, then moved on to Laguna Beach, then headed inland to Joshua Tree National Park before flying home from LA again.

I loved everything about that holiday, but one thing that stuck with me is the sweet American approach to breakfast. In Laguna Beach there was a really friendly cafe right on the sea front that served the most amazing things for breakfast – huge stacks of pancakes drizzled in syrup, eggs of every variety and waffles as big as your face! It was spectacular!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the good old English breakfast will always have first place in my heart, but there is a place to appreciate the maple syrup joy of indulging your sweet tooth on bright sunny mornings!

But waffles in the UK are hard to come by – they just haven’t made it big over here. So I was delighted when one of my favourite Lancashire Mill shops opened Tootsie’s Ice Cream Parlour!


(I am aware that this photo looks like I bought a baby!)

Tootsie’s is a gorgeous little place in Oswaldtwistle Mills that serves pancakes, waffles and ice cream in a huge variety of inventive flavours. Last time we were there I have oreo flavour and my mum had cinder toffee!


The waffles are perfection and generously served. You can’t see in the photo but this is like a waffle sandwich; two layers of waffles with a big helping of strawberries in the middle.

wp-1460300713943.jpgThe milkshakes are yummy too! This was a banana one and of course I had to have sprinkles on top!

I am so pleased that I have found a local place to satisfy my waffle cravings! If you ever want to indulge in ice cream you can find out more about Tootsie’s here.