Sleep is a beautiful thing, and you never appreciate it more after having a baby! This last week Orla has been sleeping in six hour blocks at night and suddenly I feel like a whole new woman!

Bedtime has become a luxury in my mind now and I quite agree with Anne of Green Gables; pretty things make sweet dreams. Here is my list of lovely things to have in your bedroom to make bedtime even more lovely:

  • Candles! Even though it would be daft to leave them lit when you go to sleep, having them going can really help you to relax in your wind down time.
  • Freshly washed pajamas. Is there any nicer feeling than getting into nice clean PJs?
  • A good book – if I ever struggle to fall asleep, reading a chapter of a book normally does the trick.
  • Cosmetics in good packaging. I love miniature perfume bottles and classic simple tubs of moisturizer.
  • Hat boxes! I have a hat box on top of the wardrobe. I keep my rarely used beach clothes in there; swim suits, sarongs….and sun hats! I like looking at the pretty box and it inspires sunny beach daydreams!
  • Flowers. If stuck for inspiration, fresh flowers in a vase always look good in any room. Especially Tulips!