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I meant to hold off on doing a post about Orla’s room until it was 100% finished but I have grown too impatient, plus I really love how it is coming together and want to show it off.



So this is Orla’s room at 90% complete. Her cot is still in our bedroom as she is sleeping with us for a couple more months. We also need to paint the door and replace the handle.


The paint on the wall is called ‘buttermilk’ by Dulux, which my phone camera does not do justice. Rob and I spent about 40 minutes in B&Q trying to choose just the right colour. I wanted a creamy yellow that I could picture in my head but took a while to locate in store! Buttermilk turned out to be perfect; bright, clean and a cheerful neutral!


I knew I wanted to have a Peter Pan theme so was delighted when I found these wall stickers on etsy. The company is called The Sticker Stop and they were brilliant. They made me a bespoke quote to go with the flying children. It says ‘second star to the right and straight on till morning’. Its going on the bottom of her cot once we move it back in to her room. But for now I love looking at Peter Pan leading the children off to Neverland, and Tinkerbell hiding in the corner!



The wardrobe is from Ikea. I picked it as it was small enough to fit in to this tiny room without overpowering it, and I love that it has built in shelves for Orla’s toys and books.




The pink artwork on the walls were made by my talented and lovely Aunt Shirley. I absolutely adore them. Especially the alphabet one! A lot of the room is neutral as we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl, so it is nice to have some proper girlie pieces in!


Final thing to show off is the childrens’ book cover collection! This photo frame was a wedding present and I’ve simply filled it with postcards of childrens’ book covers. The postcards came in a box of 100 Puffin Classics from TK Maxx. It was really hard to narrow it down!

So that is Orla’s room right now. I really like this space, it has a lovely feel to it. Whenever I go in it feels warm and peaceful. I am sure that it will feel less peaceful once Orla starts using it properly! I’ll post another update in a couple of months time when it is truly finished.