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I have read from time to time articles on how to gain more followers on your blog. One thing they often recommend is specializing on one topic such as food, or fashion, or parenting…

Yeah… I have never done that. I like writing about everything, a bit of baking here, a book review there, an outfit of the day once every blue moon. So in typical Cathy style I would like to start a new series today. This time I want to do a faith series. At my Church last Sunday there was a family service themed around ‘Building the House’.

One of the points they made was that we want to build our lives on firm foundations so that we can weather any storms that come our way. Jesus said: ‘Therefore anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house upon the rock’ (Matt 7:24)

Later that day I opened one of my notebooks and found a Discipleship plan I had written for myself in 2011. It read like this:

Discipleship Resolutions

This is eternal life; to know God. I have chosen to follow Jesus and nothing will persuade me to turn back. If I am going to take this path, I may as well run it with all that I have. To know God is not a casual goal.

  1. Read 4 Bible chapters a day – Read chapters first thing when I wake up. Read a chapter to begin prayer time and a chapter at the end. Do this every day, even weekends.
  2. 1/2 Hour of Prayer every day – You need to do this. He is your God, do not cut Him out. Set yourself up at the table with a diary, Bible and pens. God hears,  you know this. You also have plenty to pray for.
  3. Learn a scripture a week – Keep a scripture notebook. Choose a verse every Sunday night. Review scriptures Sunday afternoon. Keep book with you at all times, read it at every opportunity.
  4. Read a study book once a week – This will keep you fresh. Pile books on top of bookcase, create a cosy corner with lots of cushions and use a pen to make lots of notes as you go.’

I was quite bossy towards myself! But I know that my life is richer the more I engage with my faith.

I got inspired reading this to renew my efforts once more, faith-wise. Especially as right now having a set quiet time each day is difficult with a demanding baby who only naps every other day! And last week Rob and I officially joined our Church’s leadership. It’s a responsibility we both take seriously, and I know to serve my Church well I need to have integrity in my own faith.

So I have decided to start again learning a memory verse each week and to blog about it on here. That way on days when Orla is very active I will at least have a verse to focus on even when I physically can’t get to a Bible.

I know that most people who stumble across my blog won’t be Christians, and I am not out to offend anyone. But I think blogging about my memory verses will give me the push to keep doing it.

For me, it has been the wisdom and innate goodness of Jesus’ teaching that convinced me that He was more than a man. Plus people often say they believe Jesus is a great moral teacher even if they don’t believe He is the Son of God, but I don’t think many people are aware of what Jesus actually said so maybe they will be interested to have bite-sized chunks of his teachings…?

Seeing as the words of Jesus are a firm foundation I have decided to base my memory verses on His words. Starting with Matthew 4:4.


When I discovered these are among the earliest words Jesus speaks in the Gospels, it seemed a really fitting place to start. I think we can all easily see how powerful words are. Some words can raise you to the roof tops such as ‘I love you’ whilst other words can send you crashing to rock bottom, ‘Oooh, didn’t you used to look thin!’…

Words can hurt, but the right words can heal. Words can destroy but some special words can create new opportunities. Some words wear us down, but kind words can build us up.

Jesus is saying that the words of God are words that are trustworthy, words that can nourish our souls and words that can breath new life into us.

This verse makes me think about whose words am I letting into my heart and what words am I pouring out to others. It also encourages me to keep going with this memory verse ambition as God’s words really can make a difference.