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Last weekend we met up with Rob’s Aunt and had a lovely time in sunny Harrogate catching up and sharing cuddles with Orla. It’s lovely introducing Orla to more members of the family, it never gets old!

During the day Rob’s aunt asked if I was still sewing and I admitted that sewing was another activity that had fallen by the wayside since my ‘naps are for suckers’ baby arrived on the scene. But talking about it got me inspired so I fished out an abandoned project from last year and got it finished.

The idea is simple. You doodle a simple picture and then recreate it using embroidery. I wanted to try this to learn a couple of new stitches, plus Rob is sketching all the time and I am a little jealous of his artistic ability. So I thought doing little doodles could be fun.

Here is how it turned out, from doodle to completion:

img_20160516_061903.jpgI started with my little owl sketch, that I did last year.

img_20150625_174522.jpgThen I traced the outline on to a piece of linen and secured it in an embroidery hoop.

img_20150625_174557.jpgI did the outline first, covering the pencil marks.

img_20150626_182656.jpgThen I filled in the details trying to stick as close to the original doodle as possible.

img_20150629_211909.jpgWhen I was finished I trimmed it down and put it in a spare frame we had.

img_20160518_143832.jpgIt felt really good to get a project finished and I think it will make a good addition to Orla’s room. This was the first time I have used a french knot stitch and once I got the hang of it I loved the effect. I think the wing almost looks like a flowerbed!

This was an easy project that I would be happy to do again. Great for sewing newbies!