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Today’s quote for my Ladyship’s Notebook comes from Johanna Spyri’s classic story; Heidi.


I remember as a child being very upset about something just before I was about to go out to a friend’s birthday party. I don’t remember now what had upset me but I had a very long cry and cuddle with my mum. I eventually calmed down and stopped crying but at this point my face had all the tell tale signs of tears; red cheeks, puffy eyes, wet eyelashes… I couldn’t go out like that!

My mum then took me to the bathroom and gently washed my face. She told me I would feel better with a clean face and that no-one would be able to tell. And do you know what, it really worked! I suddenly felt refreshed and clean again, like my sadness had been washed away and I could go and enjoy the party.

Since then I have been a big believer in the restorative power of giving your face a clean with simple water. Whether it is the morning wash to start your day or coming in and wiping the grime of your work day away so that you can relax into the evening. Washing my face still helps me to feel like I am moving on after a crying session or helps me feel better when I have rotten cold!

So when you are tired or overwhelmed and don’t have the time or energy to make any major changes to fix things, just try taking a moment. Brush your hair and clean your face and see if you feel just that much brighter and more able to face the day! Sometimes it is just enough to get you going again.