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Last week my memory verse was Jesus’ starting words to the people he preached to, this week my memory verse are the words Jesus used to call His first disciples.

wp-1464545719474.jpgThese words seem more pertinent to me right now as I recently joined my church leadership team. It is an exciting opportunity but also a weighty responsibility, and I really want to serve my church family well. Dwelling on the words of Jesus is a good place to start!

So what do I take from this verse…

  1. Follow me‘ …The starting point for Jesus’ disciples is to follow Jesus, to pay attention to His words and actions, and to spend time in His company.
  2. I will make you…’ as we follow Jesus, He will transform us. When you think about it the transformation these men go through is incredible. They went from being simple fishermen in an unremarkable part of Israel to being leaders of a faith that span the Roman Empire. No one could have predicted that these fishermen were going to be miracle-workers, writers, preachers and leaders! That is the power of Jesus at work in people’s lives!
  3. Fishers of men‘ … Jesus was commissioning these men to be gatherers of people. There once was a thought that the more devout you were to God the more distant you needed to be from people. But nearly all of Jesus’ commands lead you to get closer to people. He commands us to ‘love, ‘forgive’, ‘serve’ and to ‘teach’. You cannot fulfill the commands of Jesus without interacting and drawing close to others.