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Well we are drawing to a close of a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend in our household. We’ve shopped, eaten out lots, soaked in the sun and enjoyed the company of our friends and family. It’s the perfect end to what has been a rather splendid month. Here is what life is like at the moment..

Currently I am…

dsc_0546.jpgWearing summer clothes again! It feels so nice to wear something that isn’t jeans and a jumper! I’ve fished out my summer skirts from a box in the attic and am lhappy to wear bright colours again. Still, my outfits are completely overshadowed by Orla’s wardrobe. Matching dress and hat! Fabulous!

dsc_0540.jpgSpying my Dad taking Orla for a walk in the garden. One of the joys of being a Mum is seeing how your daughter is loved by your wider family. Orla’s grandparents are always eager to have their little moments with her. She is a very loved baby!

dsc_0531.jpgReading Simple Church by Thom S. Painer & Eric Geiger. My Pastor leant me this book and it is really challenging me. The premise of the book is that the churches that have a simple Discipleship program are the ones that grow. It is sparking a lot of ideas in my head of how this applies to my church, but that would involve change and change is always a bit scary!

dsc_0508.jpgWalking through the park every chance I get! I am very lucky to have a park on my doorstep complete with lots of love features; cherry blossom trees, a huge duck pond, a bandstand and a beautiful river. It’s great for me on afternoons when Orla isn’t up for napping (most afternoons!) to get the pram loaded up and go for a walk. Even if she doesn’t fall asleep, it’s good to get the fresh air and it gives my arms a break from carrying her!

dsc_0483.jpgEating ice cream! We went to Harrogate the other weekend and ended up having a fabulous extended lunch at Gianni’s Brio Restaurant and Pizzeria. We started with garlic dough balls, then a mushroom ravioli and then I had the above ice cream to finish. That’s right I had all of that ice cream to myself! The flavors were Oreo, Chocolate and mint chocolate and they were all delicious!

img_20160513_131436.jpgDrinking milkshakes at my new favourite cafe; The Humble Pie in Earby. This is an adorable cafe/flower shop. It’s quite close to Rob’s work and we have met there a few times for lunch. They have lots of lovely things on the menu but my favourite treat are their oreo flavoured milkshakes! Yum!