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Have you seen it? The bizarre advert with the smiley lady explaining why it is so important that women are beach ready ‘down there’? Because, who knows when you might be pulled into a skinny dipping situation at a party!

Every time it comes on, Rob and I exchange raised eyebrows at one another. It is so stupid that it is hard to believe it is for real. But it is for real, and I was struggling to succinctly say why it angers me so much. Then Rob came out and said this…

It’s just another company telling women what their bodies should look like..’

And he is exactly right. I am glad I am old enough now and secure enough to know this advert is talking rubbish but many younger and more vulnerable women aren’t and it is just wrong to play on women’s insecurities (or to create new insecurities) to make a profit.

So here are my issues with the being ‘beach ready down there’ advert….

  1. How I look ‘down there’ isn’t anyone else’s business. It’s private and personal and off limits to any kind of public opinion.
  2. Honestly, I don’t believe partners care, and if they did, would they really be the kind of partner that you want to share your body with.
  3. If you have to be ‘beach ready’ down there, then that also implies that you have to be beach ready in your skin colour, your arms, your tummy, your legs, your feet… which is a concept that women have been fighting against a lot this last couple of years. You need to catch up Wilkinsons!
  4. It is good to like how you look, as you are. In fact I would say it is pretty important to like your body as it is. Yes, we can have some fun, dressing it up and indulging in beauty products but let it be a fun, creative activity not a crutch that we can’t do without.
  5. Most people are too busy worrying about what people think about their own body to even take notice of yours.
  6. How often is spontaneous skinny dipping even an issue?

Anyway, what do you think? Is anyone else driven mad by this advert?