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The baking impulse has struck again. This was a quick and easy recipe that still took me all day to do because I squeezed it in around baby care, (five months old and still does not nap!).


The recipe for Crunchy Jumbles biscuits is in the Cook’s Encyclopedia of Baking by Carole Clements, which you can find here on Amazon. This book also has my favourite recipe for chocolate chip brownies, which is a blog post for another time!

dsc_0609.jpgLike I said, this is a very easy recipe, sugar, butter, eggs, flour all mixed together with the good old Kenwood. Then I got to do the fun bit of adding in a mound of rice crispie cereal and chocolate chips.

dsc_0611.jpgThere really was a lot of rice crispies, in fact if I were to do the recipe again I think I would reduce the amount of rice crispies and increase the amount of chocolate chip -more gooey, less crunchy!

dsc_0613.jpgHere is how the mixture looked before being spooned out on to the baking trays – and yes I may have had a smidge of the batter before it went in to the oven, just for taste testing purposes, of course!

dsc_0614.jpgAs I was in a hurry to get these into the oven, (Orla was getting grumpy!) I made no effort at all to get regimented sizes or shapes. Fortunately for me, these biscuits suit a rustic appearance!

dsc_0619.jpgThey came out huge! I really should start doing smaller portions on the baking trays. Ah well, if you’re going to have biccy might as well make it a big one!

dsc_0621.jpgI really love the golden colour they turned in the other, and some of them still were a bit gooey in the middle, which I love!

And the taste is quite nice too, they taste kind of oaty and syrupy – even thought they don’t have syrup or oats in them! Perfect to have as a supper treat with a glass of milk!


Ah bliss!