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Week three of my Beatitudes memory verse challenge. Here is one that always reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors!

wp-1466431638070.jpgSeriously, every time I read this verse I remember the Meek Shall Inherit song from Little Shop of Horrors; ‘They say the meek shall inherit, you know the book doesn’t lie…’

But ‘inherit what?’ is the pertinent question. Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth. I think that Jesus is alluding that one day there will be a great change of power. An old order will pass away and something new will arise instead. This is what is promised in more detail in Revelation; a new heaven and a new earth that will not be ruled by the people with the most strength or those who were born fortunately wealthy. Instead authority will belong to those who have lived a life of humble serving love, to those who will only use leadership to lift others up instead of pushing them down. I think this verse is a summary of this great promise.

(Not saying that everyone in a position of leadership today is corrupt, but that positions of power can attract people who are least likely to use it for good.)

As I spend these weeks learning these verses I am beginning to see how the beatitudes are actually the Gospel in summary;

Week one: The poor in Spirit – God is coming for those who need Him

Week two: Those who mourn – will be comforted with the hope of the resurrection

Week three: The meek – will earn rewards for the life to come in the new earth

I feel like I am getting to know these words afresh by doing this memory verse challenge. It’s a good way to liven up your approach to the Bible, especially if you have been reading it a long time!