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A friend introduced me to the concept of Bible Journaling over the weekend, and it looked fun so this week’s memory verse comes all spruced up for you!

20160627_180254.jpgNot bad to say that I managed to do this on a day when Orla would not nap or go no longer than ten minutes without needing a cuddle! I have no penmanship at all so Bible journaling may prove to be a challenge in the long run!

Anyway, to the more important content of this verse. I guess I read this right now through the lense of the Brexit saga. There are many people on my Facebook feed who feel angry and believe that certain politicians have deliberately misled people on what is actually achievable through leaving the EU. There is a strong sense of dissatisfaction. I am going to resist the temptation of exploring that in more detail here but…

It has got me thinking how people do have a deep desire for things to be fair; to be right. We want there to be justice in the world and we are wounded deeply when we fail to get justice, whether that is in the form of getting the blame for another person’s failure at work, or dealing with spiteful rumours after a bad break-up. When we know someone has lied and gotten away with it, it cuts us up inside. When victims of crime fail to receive justice they can fall into depression, and sometimes the wrong person altogether pays the price for another’s crime.

Justice matters, righteousness matters, but in this world it often falls short of what we need. There are some crimes that will never be solved, some criminals who will never face a judge, some wrongs that will never be made right. And that hurts us. We don’t just want justice, we hunger and thirst for it. When we hunger and thirst for food and water our bodies suffer, when our souls hunger and thirst for righteousness our spirits suffer.

But Jesus promised that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be satisfied, and I wonder, if the Beatitudes are a Gospel in summary, as I believe they are, does this verse refer to Judgement Day? Judgement day is the day when God will bring mankind to account for all of their deeds, both good and bad. It is often used in a negative light to try and scare people into being good, but there is another side to this key point of theology too.

Judgement day is the day when all the crimes will be solved, all criminals will face the truth of what they have done, all wrongs will be made right. It will be a day of perfect justice for everyone. Then the scary thought becomes ‘would I be able to stand on a day of perfect justice?’. But that is a verse for another week!

For now I want to focus on that whilst some days I may feel helpless to get what is right, in God there is hope for true, eternal, nourishing righteousness for everyone who is hungry for it.