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Interesting how last weeks memory verse left me thinking about Judgement Day and how awesome and awful that day will be, as this week’s verse is all about mercy.

Judgement without mercy would be a terrible thing. We all at one time or another have had that gut punching moment when we realise that we have done something wrong, that we have messed up big time, to the cost of others. It’s awful.

And although we can do our best to make things right and fix our mistakes, there really is nothing as effective in wiping the slate clean as forgiveness. Mercy is what gives us a second chance; mercy breathes life into dead situations; mercy restores and heals.

God’s mercy is supreme and this verse challenges me because it is saying that the first in line to receive God’s mercy are the people who give out mercy to others. That means, forgiving people, letting go of personal vendettas and seeking the wellbeing of people who hurt you. That is a tough challenge, especially when you would be perfectly justified to pay someone back and give them exactly what they deserve. But then again, it is only when you are perfectly justified to punish someone that you are also in a perfect position to give mercy.

Mercy can only ever flow towards the undeserving. That is why it is called mercy.