For me, hot chocolate is a year round drink so even though it is mid-July I thought it was time to try out a recipe from my Hot Chocolate book that I treated myself to last year.

DSC_7578So yesterday I whipped up the French Vanilla white hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff topping. I love white hot chocolate, it always feels like the ultimate indulgence.


The recipe was really easy, except for splitting and de-seeding a vanilla pod – that got messy! But the rest of the drink was straightforward enough.

Despite hunting ASDA’s aisles I couldn’t find any marshmallow fluff so instead I just melted some marshmallows into a gooey mess and spooned it on as a topping.


In fact, I think the topping was my favourite bit! We drank these yesterday as a dessert after tea, it was that sweet! Now that I’ve made one of the hot chocolate recipes I am itching to try some more, it would be amazing to have a repertoire of hot chocolate flavours ready to whip up for the right occasion!