1. dsc_0672.jpgThe sound of Orla’s laugh.

This girl has learnt to full on chuckle and it is the most adorable thing in the history of the world…may have a bit of Mum-bias there…

2. Warm Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Or eating any baked item that is still warm from the oven which includes gooey chocolate


3. Disney Lego Mini-figure Series

So far I have Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Aladdin and Dash from the Incredibles. I really want to add Maleficent to the collection.

4. Rob taking the first hour of the day with Orla.

We’ve just got into a routine over the last week where Rob will get up with Orla about 7am and go and play with her for about an hour before he has to leave for work. Not only do I get to catch up on some of the sleep I miss out on during the night feeds, but I love hearing the sounds of Orla chattering and laughing away with her Daddy as I drift off back to sleep.

5. Dancing in the kitchen

Cooking and washing up is just so much better when you are dancing around the kitchen and rocking out to Queen.

6. Richly scented flowers

My Mum has a window box full of pretty little white flowers that smell exactly like vanilla. I slow down whenever I pass the window to take the scent in, it’s heavenly!

7. Hot and crunchy prawn toast

I missed eating prawn toast so much whilst I was pregnant that I am now making up for lost time. Whenever Rob and I pick up a Chinese we always dig into the bag and eat a slice of prawn toast each before we drive home!

8. Down with Love

It’s my go to happy movie, I love it’s style, soundtrack, dialogue and chipper tone. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine and lots of chocolate.


9. Going outside

Even if it is just stepping into the garden for a couple of minutes or a wander around the park, it feels like it does my soul good just to get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

10. Clothes shopping with my Mum

My Mum is my best shopping companion, she always picks out good things for me to try on, helps me sort through the muddle of hangers in the changing room and we tend to move at the same pace meaning we fancy a cake break at the same time! Perfection!