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A friend told me on Thursday that the much awaited summer heatwave had arrived….only for it to chuck it down relentlessly all day on Friday. There is no doubt about it, it’s an English July!

So, what is happening in my life this soggy summer month? Well, currently I am…

dsc_0881.jpgSightseeing. Rob and I had booked tickets for the Clitheroe Music Festival on the 8th July. It was going to be our first day out without Orla but three weeks earlier, the whole thing was cancelled by the organisers. I was partly disappointed, and partly relieved, it’s still tough to imagine leaving Orla behind for the day! I am such a wimp!

As Rob had the day booked off work we decided to go to Blackpool together as a family. Orla loved the Sea Life Centre and seeing the sea for the first time! And I loved reading all the funny lines in this sprawling carpet of comedy! We even got a couple of hours of sunshine to fully enjoy it.

Cooking! For the last couple of months Rob has done all the cooking as Orla would inevitably want feeding whenever it was time to cook, or get too clingy in the evening for me to get anything done. But she has cheered up a lot in the last couple of weeks which means when Rob gets home from work, he gets to play with Orla and I get to cook us up some tea. It’s a nice change for both of us, as I am ready to have some ‘me time’ and Rob is desperate to have cuddles with the baby.

20160715_180704.jpgBible Journaling. This has been a new crafty/reflective activity to me and I’ve joined a group on Facebook that sets monthly challenges. This month’s challenge was to reflect on the above verse and respond in prayer and with some form of arty response. I made this as a prayer that I would remember to view parenting as an important ‘work for the Lord’, especially on days when I am tired and Orla won’t nap and I just want to slump out in front of the telly eating chocolate digestives!

Catching up with my friends from work. I went in for lunch with my office girls the other week and it was so lovely to catch up on all of their news and the office gossip. We went to a fantastic cafe in town and stuffed ourselves with delicious chocolate cake. It was really hard to say goodbye to them afterwards. I don’t miss work but I do miss the people!

dsc_0774.jpgCreating light displays! Orla is enraptured whenever there is moving lights, which is why the Sea Life centre was a big hit with her; all those dim lights and moving fish was an equivalent of a Hollywood Blockbuster! So, I have tried to introduce some mood lighting at home to help with her bedtime routine (which is something we haven’t got down yet at all!) She has a mobile with lights and moving stars, and Fionn gave me this cool light that projects constellations around the room. We’ve found that it is a really nice way to bring our day to a close before her last feed of the evening.

Drinking one shot of whisky on a Friday evening after Orla has gone to bed as my weekend reward! Cheers, folk!