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Jesus said:

Our world today is in desperate need of peacemakers, our news headlines testify to this daily.

When I read this verse I am reminded that there is a big difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking;

  • Peacekeeping is about keeping opposing parties apart, peacemaking is about bringing them together.
  • Peacekeeping’s goal is short-term; they want to prevent immediate violence. Peacemaking’s goal is long-term; to resolve issues for good
  • Peacekeeping maintains a strained status quo. Peacemaking builds a new future.

Peacekeeping is a good thing, it saves lives but it doesn’t achieve true peace, as everyone still lives with a feeling of uneasy disquiet. Peacemaking is about achieving real peace between two opposing groups who have often done terrible things to one another. It is a near impossible task as it requires grace and forgiveness, wisdom and self-control, which are the first qualities to fly out of the window when we have been hurt.

Peacemaking is nearly impossible but with God all things are possible. This week I am challenged to pray for all people who are in a position to become a peacemaker. Our hope lies in peace.