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For my 18th Birthday my College friends took me out for my first official ‘night out’. As a teenager I was very uninterested in drinking so it was all a bit new to me, still today I am the last one to want to go out clubbing. I was excited and nervous, I was not at all confident in how to conduct myself on the night, all I wanted was to fit in but I had doubts about my outfit, hair and make up. Luckily, once the night got started I had such a good time with my friends that I forgot all about these insecurities, but I did have butterflies in the lead up!

I remember how my friend and I were getting ready for the night at her house. I took about half the time to do my make up and hair as my mate so I started scanning the room for something to do and found a little booklet to read that was called ‘How to Walk in High Heels’.

With interest I picked it up and devoured it as my friend straightened her hair. The booklet was brilliant. It was a how to guide to do all the girl things that secretly intimidated me; walking in high heels, mastering eyeliner, ordering a drink at a bar. It was great to discover that there was advice on this stuff out there.

I had a good night that night, and a few weeks later I found the full book for sale and got my own copy. It’s opening line says:


That is exactly what I needed to hear at 18 and just trying to establish my own sense of style and battling a fear of getting it wrong. Ten years later and I am glad that most of my teenage insecurities are history, and I don’t rely on how to guides to get through social situations. But it is true that some beauty and fashion styles take practice to master.

Here are the things that I now have down pat due to practice that once intimidated me:

  • Walking in high heels
  • Doing a gold smoky eye look
  • Red lipstick
  • Wearing dresses
  • Painting the nails on my right hand

And here are the things I have yet to master and need more practice on:

  • Eyeliner
  • Straightening and curling my hair
  • Achieving an even tan
  • Pedicures

Now, these are not the most important goals in my life but its nice to keep on trying new things!

After all style takes practice!