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It’s been ages since I did a garden post. Here is what is happening in our lovely green corner. 

We have semi -deliberately only mowed part of the lawn this year. We only need a bit of the garden for picnic blankets and sunbathing, and it is good for local wildlife to have long grass.

So our plan is to eventually create a meadow garden with paths running through it to encourage bees and butterflies. We are going to scatter meadow flower seeds each year and see what we get. 

Already we have a few good patches of clover which the bees love.

In the actual flower beds there are a few pretty things in bloom. I love seeing the bright colours from the kitchen window when I am washing up. 

It looks like the apple tree is going to give us a full crop this year. I am determined to actually taste one. Last year the squirrels got to then first and we didn’t get to try a single one! 

The biggest change in the garden is that we have bought a new fence. The old one was barely standing and offered no privacy at all. A few times Rob had to rescue it from blowing into the road! We love this new fence, our garden feels more secluded and tidy now. Rob had been clearing the area around the fence of some straggly bushes. We now need to decide what to do with this reclaimed area. Any ideas?

I love this tree stump and its mushrooms. I wonder if we could turn it into a little table or display stand? 

That’s what is happening in our half wild garden. I am really looking forward to trying out more ideas in there now that Órla is getting bigger.