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img_20160809_180148.jpgRob got me a set of 3D Dinosaur biscuit cutters for Christmas last year and they have sat in the baking cupboard unused until now.

I used this BBC Good Food Recipe to make the gingerbread dough. It is a really quick and easy recipe and chances are you will already have the ingredients in your house. I think all I had to pick up for this was golden syrup.

dsc_0898.jpgI was a bit worried about if the shapes of the cutter would hold once baked. It seems that most of the time when I try and use an intricate shape the dough rises so much in the oven that I am left with just a spludge!


dsc_0901.jpgBut these held their shape well. Some of the slots disappeared but it was pretty easy to trim the edges again so that the pieces fit together.

dsc_0906.jpgIt was fun putting together my little herd of gingerbread dinosaurs.

dsc_0907.jpgOne batch of dough made these five dinos easily. In fact I still have a bit of the mixture left over in the fridge so I may make more tomorrow! Oh and Rob and I have eaten one dino this evening and can confirm that they are delicious!